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Awarded with the Title of “Benevolent Enterprise” and “Affectionate Education Assistance” by Guangmi

The annual summing-up meeting of 2016 was convened by the charitysociety of Guangming New District in the afternoon of January 13, 2017 to studyand promote charity affairs in 2017. Leader Hu Yuqing of the New Districtappeared in the meeting.      

It is known the Charity Society ofGuangming New District launched various circles of the society to participatein the donation and finally raised the donation of RMB 2,180,000 in 2016, inwhich, RMB 2,794,100 was granted to subsidize residents in difficulty withinthe jurisdiction with an increase of RMB 206,100 by 8% on year-on-year basis incomparison with that in 2015. 309 people in difficulty were subsidized with anincrease of 40 people by 14.9% on year-on-year basis in comparison with that in2015. The statistical data indicated the annual expenses of the Charity Societyof the New District last year reached RMB 3,940,000 and 309 people weresubsidized in total. This year, the Charity Society of the New District willcontinue to promote the development of various charity undertakings and makenew contribution to the people’s livelihood and bright future.

Hu Yuqing, Vice Secretary of CPC Working Committeeof Guangming New District awarded our company for the “Dawn EducationAssistance Program” and generous donation. As requested by him, we shall expandthe thinking, make elaborate plan and propose more assistance projects withgreater influence and better effect so as to establish and optimize the charitymechanism participated by the whole people.


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